Happy Holidays’ Difference

When you travel with us, you do much more than sightseeing. You will experience the local people and cultures of the places you visit. Our local experts & experienced guides will show you more than just the sights. Feel the difference & grab the benefits offered by Happy Holidays

Feel the Burmaness

Immerse yourself in the people, culture and traditions of Myanmar (Burma). We want you to feel the Burmaness, rather than just sightseeing. You'll be welcomed with open arms and made to feel like one of their own while participating in customs and traditions of the places you visit.

Unique Experiences

Rather than taking flights & cars throughout the trip, we will let you experience different modes of travel, some of which are so unique that you can only experience in Burma. From luxury cruises & balloon rides over temples to bullock carts or horse carts & trishaw rides, your every day in Myanmar will never fail to entertain you. Unlike others, all of our tour packages are well crafted to offer unique experiences in most destinations included.

Family Fun

Explore Myanmar in ways that every member of your family will enjoy. Customization is what we are happy to be dealing with every day and thus, we can offer unique tour experiences from more sophisticated ones for adults to special junior activities tailored to kids.

Local Experts & Experienced Guides

To offer you the best & beyond of what we are paid for, we work closely with local experts at each destination to make sure every moment of your travel with us is safe, smooth, worry-free & stick to the original plan as it has to be. Most of our tour guides are good story tellers with some of them are really funny guys. They have enjoyed more than 5 years of guiding experiences in their respective areas. They will ensure you that you feel connected to the people, culture and traditions of each destination you visit.

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